Google Url Shortener is just a tool that can be Easily short any link within a Second . It is available for both as Website and mobile app for android, Windows and Ios smartphone . A internet user canconvert any Long url into Short one just by pasting it into the thebox.

In this Short guide i will show you How to use Google url shortener tool to minimize the length of any website link easily.

But before Doing anything you have to Understand what is Google url Builder and how its work ?.

What is site ?

Its a Customize address of Google’s Url builder tool . This Website helps the all Google users to Customize the Long website url like

to the Short one like

Both links will be refer you on Same address there is only one Difference between both links is First one is very long and Second one is very short .
Its very easy to Share short linksusing Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Message or any Social networking site and Messaging platform.

How to Use Google url Shortener to Short long Url

1. First You have to Visit the official website just By pasting and press the Enter button in your Browser.
2. Now you will see a Box just paste the Link in the box and click on Shortenurl .
3. A new pop -up will appear with New Url . You can easily copy it by tapping on Copy icon.
4. You can also Check the analytics data like How many persons visit on the Page just by Adding “.info” word after the Short url . like the Url is you have to write
info then it will show you the Visitors, Country, View & Browser details.
That’s it , Hope this Google Url Shortener Guide will be Helpful to you if you want to Promote any webpage, App on Social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or Via text Message.