If you are using an Android device than probably you all are facing a common problem and that is the low speed of your Android device.
 When your Android device gets bit older it suddenly sucks. The most probable reason to use a smartphone is for using different Apps, getting free recharges,custom ROMs, third party Apps and a lot more. But when you Smartphones slows don all this becomes dream and your Smartphone becomes a headache for youSo, below I’ve shared some really useful tips and tricks, by following these steps I bet you’ll definitely speed up your Smartphone and make your user experience way better than present
.Questions aske by visitors –
1. How to make android faster ?
2. How can Imake my android faster?
3. Make android phone faster ?
4. How to make android faster without root?So, Below I have shared 7 tips to make android faster –
Tips to Make Android faster –
1. Disable or Uninstall useless Apps –

After a while your phone can get cluttered as some Apps are designed to always run inthe background. If you don’t use anyone of them, if you don’t use your system Apps kindly disable them or uninstall them by Rooting your Android device.  
2. Use Power Saving Modes –
The power saving modes included in virtually all phones can save a bit of juice and extend usable time, but they come withdrawbacks. For example, they’ll moderate the clock rate of your processor, and decrease the rate at which the showcase is drawn. Obviously, that makes the phone feel slower. It can be perceptible in case you’re as of now managing execution issues. There is a spot for power saving modes, obviously. When you’re very on battery and life span is more essential than execution, beyond any doubt, turn it on. Most phones even have a setting to naturally empower power saving modes at a sure edge. Simply don’t leave these modes on all the time like a few individuals do.
3. Clear cached App data –
Ca ched data for apps should help them to load more quickly, but it can build up over time to take up quite a lot of space and there will potentially be cached data in there for apps that you no longer use. Sometimes clearing cached data for an appcan also help clear up flaky behavior.
If you want to clear any individual app cached data then go to Settings>Apps andslide over the All tab and tap on the relevant app then choose Clear cache.
4. Use Static rather than Livewallpapers –
Live wallpapers consume processing powerand memory. Unless you really need them, uninstall them.
5. Turn off auto-sync –We allow them to automatically sync in the background to pull in new data and provide us with updates. All this syncing has a big impact on performance, not to mention battery life. You could go to Settings and find Auto-sync under Accounts and just turn it off altogether For a lot of apps, like Facebook and many more, you’ll need to open up the app and find the settings to reduce the sync frequency.
6. Do full factory reset –Full factory reset actually means to format your android device to make it clean all the cache from inside. After reseting the phone it gets faster and it removes all the installedapps from the android device.Also Read – How to hack any Android game    
7.  Disable Hidden Animation –You might have noticed when you open the home screen or any app they open in different effects. By using the below mentioned trick you can increase the performance of the device, but your interface will look a bit less stylish.*.To do this Go to > Setting > About Phone> Tap 7 times on Build Number.*.Now again Go to > Setting > Developer Option > Windows Animation Scale.*.Now turn off Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale, and Animator duration scale.One last thing – Don’t use Task Killers or any Antivirus Apps. Android manages tasks very well and Task Killers just make your phone slow down further.So, hence was the post to make android faster. I hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.Filled Under: jiotikz.blogspot.com